The care I received when I was too ill to get to the doctor was amazing. One of the young girls in the office walked me there and then proceeded to go and pick up my prescription for me. I couldn't have asked for better!

Choosing where to stay when you go to university is a big decision. You will most likely spend more time inside your accommodation than in any other single place. This is even more true in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, where most universities will be offering much more online learning. So you want to feel welcome, comfortable, and supported in the place where you live. And more than ever, in this time of a pandemic, you want to be somewhere that is safe to stay.

Because the intercollegiate halls are part of the University of London, we understand students. We put your interests first, and have the track record to prove it. But we also recognise that the world is changing, and your needs may be changing with it.

That’s why we have developed a complete programme to provide you with an unparalleled living experience in our intercollegiate halls. Since the coronavirus outbreak began, we’ve taken the time to understand students’ and young people’s worries and expectations. And we’re using what we have learned to re-imagine everything we do. So we’re confident that you will feel safe to stay in our accommodation, and that our halls will become your home base to achieve your greatest potential at university.

Good community feel to the hall and felt very welcomed.

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picture of cleaning products with messages conveying Safety during the pandemic

Preventing coronavirus spread

  • We’ve performed a coronavirus safety assessment of all our policies, procedures, facilities and services
  • Every resident must book a time slot for moving in, to reduce queues and prevent crowds during the arrival period
  • You can arrive up to 24 hours before your contract start date without paying extra, if you want to arrive on a day with fewer people moving in
  • Face coverings must be worn in all public/shared areas of our halls
  • Regular cleaning of public areas to keep frequently touched surfaces as safe and clean as possible
  • Hand sanitiser and surface wipes provided to help everyone comply with hygiene guidelines in public areas
  • Busy areas marked out to guide physical distancing
  • Take-out option available in catered halls, if you prefer to eat in your room
  • Protective screens at our receptions desks so you feel safe to have essential face-to-face interactions with our team
  • Book online to meet our Halls Management and Residential Life staff, and choose a video meeting or meet in-person with physical distancing, so you can be confident that you can speak with us safely about any issues at a convenient time

The Warden and Resident Advisors are all amazing the support they provide is great -they are very helpful and very kind. I want to say, thank you!

picture of an en-suite room

Settling in

  • You can join a Facebook group for your hall before you arrive, so it’s easy to ask any questions and hear from other students as well as staff
  • Our Residential Life team will host online and physically distanced in-person welcome events to help you settle in and start meeting people
  • We will give you comprehensive information about local supermarkets and restaurants who will deliver to your hall, so you can live like a local from the day you arrive
  • We have increased the number of students returning to live in our halls for a second or third year (or more) – who can share their knowledge and experience to help you get orientated

Support for students arriving in the UK

  • Guaranteed room availability up to 14 days before our usual contract start date, so there’s no need to arrange alternative accommodation for any immigration self-isolation (quarantine) period required by the UK government
  • Special cleaning arrangements if you are moving into a room with shared bathroom facilities, to keep you and other residents safe whilst self-isolating
  • If you are required to self-isolate (quarantine) on arrival to the UK, we will give you a full set of bedding at no extra cost

It's really nice and very community based. The warden and RAs are great and around when you need them. The student committee are really good and work to organise as many events as possible which is really good.

All the hall team is very kind and helpful. The activities hold by the staff are very nice and diverse. Also, during these 3 weeks, I had several inquiries regarding my accommodation, and the team were very kind and fast to respond. I feel very thankful to be in this hall.

Self-isolation (sometimes called quarantine)

  • We’re keeping some en-suite rooms empty to help you self-isolate comfortably and conveniently if you should develop any coronavirus symptoms – so you won’t pass on your illness
  • In our catered accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered to your room every day (brunch and dinner at weekends) if you have to self-isolate with symptoms of coronavirus
  • Daily online check-in with a member of our Residential Life team, and a chat room for self-isolating residents – so you can connect with others in your hall even while you are self-isolating
  • If you want, we can connect you with a “bug buddy” in your hall; you and your bug buddy agree to help look out for one another in case one of you has to self-isolate – for example, by collecting your mail/food deliveries and bringing them to your room – and we hope you will become friends, too!

Keeping you informed

  • We will publish regular updates about how we are keeping you safe, including any changes in guidance and regulations from the government
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Flexibility for uncertain times

  • Choose to pay for your accommodation on flexible monthly, termly, or annual payment plans
  • Cancel your contract and get a full refund before midday on 20th August 2020 – so you can book with no risk, even if your university doesn’t know yet if they will be opening this autumn
  • 40-week contracts with the option to extend for the summer – so you have a place to stay in the holidays, in case travelling home is difficult
  • If you are admitted to hospital, we will offer accommodation for a family member to stay in halls and be near to you (subject to availability)
  • We’ve planned for a wide range of different scenarios, to reassure you and keep you safe in the midst of a changing global and national situation
  • We are confident that our services will be resilient in the event of a "second wave" or another lockdown affecting London

General safety and security

  • We have security on site 24 hours a day, so you can relax, knowing that help is always available
  • Our on-site maintenance team offer rapid access to skilled help with any repairs by a familiar person trained in physical distancing
  • You can get rapid help with any illness or injury with our on-site first aiders

really valued having the warden and resident advisors around, since they were very friendly and worked very hard to organise great activities and to strengthen the general community atmosphere.

picture of a team of resident Advisors

Supporting your studies

  • Fast, reliable, unlimited WiFi in every room and all public areas of our accommodation – so there’s no stress accessing online learning as well as social and recreational activities
  • Our close relationships with local universities help provide a joined-up living and study environment
  • Many of our halls are only a short walk away from some of the largest university campuses, so travel between accommodation and university is fast, easy, and doesn’t have to involve using public transport

Social and emotional wellbeing

  • Our social and community events throughout the year – both online/virtual and in person – are led and organised by students, for students, giving frequent opportunities to meet other residents and make new friends
  • All our in-person events will adhere to physical distancing guidelines
  • Online social and community activities allow you to connect, even if you prefer to, or have to, stay in your room
  • Our Residential Life team of Wardens and student Resident Advisors are trained in mental health first aid, as well as psychological first aid for trauma and bereavement – so you can speak in confidence with a trained person about any wellbeing, mental, emotional, academic, health-related, or social worries and concerns
  • You will be asked to complete a short monthly survey about how things are going, so we can respond to changes in residents’ views, needs, and overall wellbeing
  • Our communications and social programmes have been designed around evidence-based, modern approaches to help students deal with the psychological challenges of the coronavirus outbreak

‘I am very satisfied with the Warden and Resident Advisors; [...] they are very approachable and helpful, and when they are on duty overnight they respond very quickly to any problems arising. [...] They atmosphere is great and I make lots of friends

Distanced seating in the catering hall area

Space to feel safe

Connaught Hall

While university life has changed this year, we ensure our students can still enjoy a social atmosphere in our catered halls. We have ample space for distanced seating in household groups and frequent sanitisation to make you feel safe. Our meals are prepared in a sterile kitchen environment and individually packaged to minimise contact between people. As part of our accommodtion offering, students can enjoy two delicious meals every day in this social and responsible environment. For a sample menu, please visit our catering page. 


Students in our self-catered accommodation can also share social dining space, with modern kitchens shared between 3 and 15 others in their household. This offers flexibility in terms of the size of social circles and enables our students to build a support network within a Covid-19 safe environment.