Is there an option on the menu for people with special dietary requirements?

Our Answer: 

Unfortunately, the University is unable to cater for specific dietary requirements as part of our meal plan. This is due to our kitchens' layouts, storage limitations and current catering operating structure.

There are 14 recognised allergens varying from wheat to dairy produce. We appreciate some people may be allergic or intolerant of other food substances or ingredients in addition to these or may suffer from conditions affecting what they can eat. The University has a robust and accredited procedure for purchasing all food items and all products are verified within our Food Safety procedure. We aim never to place our residents at risk so if you would like to obtain more information about allegens in our food, please speak to the on-site chef manager. Air-born or severe allergens (e.g. nuts) are not able to be controlled within our facilities.

We do not serve a halal specific diet, but we regularly aim to provide a halal option during dinner service - this will be clearly indicated on the menu. Our kitchens are not halal separated and any halal meat is obtained from animals who have been stunned.

We provide a vegetarian option every day, and from time to time, this option will have no animal products within (i.e. it will be vegan).

For these reasons, our catered accommodation and meal plan are generally not suitable for students with special dietary requirements or significant allergies, especially those with a history of anaphylaxis. We make this clear in our Hall Handbook and on our website during the application process. If you think you may be affected by this, we very strongly recommend applying for self-catered accommodation. Please state in your application that you require self-catered accommodation for special dietary reasons.