May I cancel my offer of accommodation once I have accepted it and have a deposit refunded?

Our Answer: 

LIABILITY OF FEES: We refer you to section 22 of your Accommodation Contract and advice that you remain liable for the fees on your accommodation until a suitable replacement student is found by you or the University; or up to max of 28 days *(from the date you notify us about your withdrawal) if you are no longer going to be a full-time student to occupy your accommodation whereupon you will cease to be liable for fees from the date the replacement student takes occupation of your accommodation. *The proof that you are no longer going to be a student must be submitted to

23.1 You are responsible for nominating a potential replacement and the University is not under any obligation to spend time or resources on finding a replacement for You.

23.2 Any replacement must fulfil the Student Condition and intend to continue to do so for the rest of the Period of Occupancy in order to be considered by the University.

23.3 In addition, the replacement must demonstrate that they are suitable to the University's reasonable satisfaction to replace You and to be allowed to occupy the Accommodation.

Once replacement student has accepted the offer of your room, the deposit would then be refunded (minus any outstanding fees) to you within 28 working days.

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