I applied on the first waiting list; do I have to reapply on the second one?

Our Answer: 

The first waiting list opens at the beginning of September and this is when we receive an extremely high volume of applications. We will keep offering the available rooms to the students who have applied based on their requirements. The second waiting list opens at the end of September and we use it to reconfirm which students are still looking for accommodation as well as to invite new applicants. If you applied on the first waiting list, you will have to reapply on the second one if you still want to be considered.

Please note, that this is an ongoing process and as students decide to give up their rooms in the Halls of Residence we are able to offer their rooms to the applicants from the waiting list. We are unable to estimate when rooms become available as this is due to personal circumstances and as such we encourage you to treat your application as a backup option. If you haven't been offered a room, but are still interested in the Intercollegiate Halls you must apply when the second waiting list opens.

The applicants who reapply will be given priority over any new applicants provided they use the same email address as they did at the time of the first application.