Where to Pay?

The easiest way to pay is using our online system: https://epay.london.ac.uk. You can make online payments and choose whether you’d like to pay all in one go, or split it up into instalments. Once set up, you don’t have to worry about making any other payments, as it will all happen automatically.

Please do not attempt to pay your accommodation fees via your College payment site as we will not receive the funds.

If you are unable to make a payment online, you can also speak to the Financial Services Property Team directly on 020 7862 5772 or in person at the Financial Services Property Office, located next to the Housing Services Office on the 4th Floor of the Student Central Building, London WC1E 7HY.

The office is open between 10 am and 4 pm.

How to Pay?

The most convenient way to pay is online. Using this method, you can pay in monthly instalments, termly or upfront.

If you pay by phone or in person, you will need to pay by debit or credit card. 

If paying by bank transfer you must use the bank details supplied at the bottom of your accommodation invoice. When making a transfer, you must reference the payment with your surname and accommodation ID (for example ICH Smith – 0012345). You must also email remittance to AHD.Finance@london.ac.uk and reference the payment clearly with your surname and accommodation ID. Failure to send remittance and/or include your accommodation ID may result in a delay to your payment being allocated to your account.

Please note that we cannot accept payments by American Express or cash.

When to Pay?

If you pay online, you have the following options:

All in One: Pay the whole year’s fees by the 14th October!

Instalments: Split the yearly cost into 7 equal instalments that are automatically taken on the 1st of every month from October to April.

Termly: Split the yearly cost into 3 termly instalments that are automatically taken on on the 14th October 2019, 29th January and 13th May 2020.

International Card Payments

If you are using an international card for your payment you may need to take the following steps:

Tell your bank you are intending to make the payment.
Split the payment in to smaller amounts and make multiple payments. If paying online, please choose 'Misc'. Payments option to enter the smaller amounts. Your eligibility for early payment discount will not be affected by this.
Check your account balance to ensure the correct amount is in your account when taking exchange rates in to consideration.
If a payment has failed, please clear your cookies and try a different browser before reattempting the payment. 


Your deposit was successfully paid online upon acceptance of your accommodation.

When you depart from halls, your room will be checked for any damages by our Accommodation Management Team. After which we will refund your deposit back onto the card that you used to make the deposit payment within 28 working days. We will contact you at the time of refund if we are unable to make this refund.

Miscellaneous Charges

Please visit our online store at https://store.london.ac.uk/product-catalogue/services/intercollegiate-halls to purchase guest meals, replacement keys or access cards/ fobs, bedding packs, ID cards and bike key deposits.

If you have been sent an invoice for the charge, please pay by calling us or in person at the office.

Payments for other miscellaneous charges

During your time living in halls, you may incur other miscellaneous charges. To pay these, please either call us or visit us at the office to make payment.

Problems paying your fees?

The Financial Services Property Team understand that sometimes students may suffer financial hardship. If you find yourself in this position please contact us as soon as possible.

We are also aware that students may be dependent on funding from external sources in order to pay accommodation fees and that there can sometimes be delays in when these funds are received. If this affects your ability to make payments for your accommodation, please email the Financial Services Property Team.

Key Details

Website: https://epay.london.ac.uk

Email: AHD.Finance@london.ac.uk

Telephone: 020 7862 5772

Office: 4th Floor, Student Central Building, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY

Hours: 10am - 4pm

Payment Deadlines: 14th October 2020, 29th January 2021 and 13th May 2021.