Housekeeping, Security & Maintenance


The Housekeeping team deals with cleaning of common areas and resident’s rooms, and maintains the Hall’s linen and bedding supplies. Residents can contact the Housekeeper via reception or speak of the Hall Management Team if they have any concerns or queries about cleaning or related matters. Rooms are fully cleaned once every two weeks and the rubbish is collected daily. Signs are posted to indicate on which day your room will be cleaned. Please ensure your room is accessible and tidy enough for cleaning to take place. Cleaning is not provided for flats and studios.


If you notice a maintenance problem in your room or in common areas of the Hall – including things like broken furniture, dripping taps, squeaky doors, etc., – report it at reception in the maintenance request folder; be sure to include a short description of the problem and its precise location. If you report a maintenance problem with your room, the University will assume that you have given permission for your room to be entered to make the necessary repairs.


Security is the responsibility of all residents. Residents should remain vigilant and safety-conscious at all times and, if in doubt, report suspicions immediately to the reception, a member of the Hall Management Team or the Senior Member on duty.

Security staff are available at reception 24 hours a day. Reception is your first point of call for any questions or help with any emergencies that arise: the security staff can always put you in contact with the right person to help. You can call Reception by dialling 0 or 3007 on your room phone.

Residents must never admit or sign in to the Hall any person whom they do not know or are not personally hosting. Residents will be held responsible for the actions of anyone they sign in.

Lost keys & ID cards

If you lose your room key you can obtain a replacement from reception 24 hours a day. Reception can also take requests for replacement ID cards 24 hours a day. A replacement ID card will be produced by the Hall Management Office the next working day, and left at reception for collection. Please be aware that charges will apply. An invoice will be emailed to you for payment.

Valuables, lost property & insurance

The Hall has no facilities for the retention of long-term lost property. This includes property left in rooms following the date of departure. The University will not act a Bailee if you leave any items in your room. Any belongings left after departure will be disposed of. The University provides a basic policy to insure your personal property within the Hall. You should take out additional insurance to cover your property outside the Hall and high value items not covered under the terms of the basic policy. Visit
for details of the insurance policy. Please use ‘University of London - Intercollegiate Halls’ as the name of the accommodation provider.