Community & Social Life

Community ethos

Social events

A host of social events are arranged at the start of each year to help you settle in to London and to support interaction with other residents. We attempt to meet every resident upon arrival, then arrange a bespoke guided bus tour, walking tours, theatre visits, quizzes, receptions and buffets in the early weeks.

A representative committee is elected roughly a month after you arrive to ensure that the subsequent pattern of events in hall reflects your interests, with encouragement and advice being provided to ensure you realise the enormous opportunities that being housed in the heart of London and within an intercollegiate and intercultural community can bring.  The number and focus of events from that point is wholly dependent upon the community‚Äôs interest and involvement.

Committees and Forums

A dedicated annual hall Facebook site is used to support interaction and the building of community from the point you accept your offer of accommodation in hall, allowing you to get to know others and us to address your concerns even before arrival. We use that forum, together with email communications and posters around the hall, to attempt to keep everyone informed and involved.

A committee of four representative students is elected in October, who then work with support from two Senior Members to propose and deliver a series of events across the year. All residents are invited and encouraged to apply and to support events irrespective of being officially elected. The broader the group involved the broader the range of ideas and the better a year you will have.