Rules & Discipline in the Hall

The rules and regulations, which form part of the residency contract you signed, exist to secure the safety and security of residents given the communal environment of LPH. As such disciplinary procedures are in place. A link to the student disciplinary procedure can be found here.


QUIET PERIOD (23:00 to 07:00) & NOISE: Bear in mind the volume level of in your room due to the use of audio equipment (such as skyping, streaming, or gaming) or having face-to-face conversations. Is it audible to other residents? The designated quiet period of 23:00 to 07:00 is used across all the intercollegiate halls. If a noise disturbance cannot be resolved between residents, do report the noise disturbance to the receptionist so that the Duty Senior Member can investigate. Talbot Square (see below) is outside of LPH, but bear in mind what may be audible to residents trying to sleep.

Noise disturbance generally creates the most dissatisfaction with hall life. The halls are large places of residence of mostly first-year undergraduate students in a busy part of London. Nowhere in the hall can be completely silent and most staff and residents find that occasionally they need to wear earplugs at night.

Reporting noise problems

The Warden, assisted by the Senior Members, is responsible for dealing with noise. If someone is disturbing you, it is often best to politely approach them yourself at first and ask them to be quieter. Most people will be helpful and quieten down; they will be grateful that you did not involve staff and make a formal complaint.
Sometimes you may feel that you cannot approach your neighbour directly, or they may not respond to your request. If this happens, we recommend that you call reception and tell them where the noise is coming from. The security officer will usually phone the person making noise and ask them to be quiet. If the noise persists 10 minutes after your initial complaint, phone reception again and ask them to contact the Duty Senior Member (evenings, nights, and weekends) or the Hall Office (during office hours). The staff member will visit the room making noise and deal with the problem.


Smoking is not allowed anywhere on LPH property, which includes the access ramp. This means that smoking must occur outside of LPH. Moreover, smokers are asked to move away from LPH’s railings – say to Talbot Square – in order to prevent cigarette smoke from travelling inside the building.

Residents are advised that the University does not permit the use of electronic cigarettes on our premises. This is based on advice from the British Medical Association, which highlights the unknown health impact of the devices, the risks of undermining current restrictions on tobacco smoking, and the potential for conflict among staff on the issue. Residents that do not follow these rules will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include fines and could lead to you being ordered to leave the hall.

Drugs and illegal activity

Possession and use of any controlled drugs or intoxicating substances is illegal and is a serious disciplinary offence within the hall. Please note that most new psychoactive substances or “legal highs”, including those that are not yet banned by the Misuse of Drugs Act, are considered by the University to be intoxicating substances.

Drugs, solvents, and intoxicating substances are injurious to health. If you need further information and advice about drugs or other noxious substances, we recommend you seek advice immediately from any one of the many health and support services, including your own doctor, who can provide professional advice. If you do not know how to contact one of the support services, please ask a senior member of the hall or the Welfare Officer at the University of London Union. The police are interested in patterns of supply of drugs. If you receive unsolicited offers of drugs, or have other information that could be helpful to the police, we encourage you to share this information with them.

The University is unable to tolerate illegal activities by residents. Any resident found conducting any illegal activity will be subject to disciplinary procedures. This means that the resident’s College or Institution and the Metropolitan Police may be informed. Any resident found to be under investigation by the police may be required to reside away from hall until the matter is resolved.

Guests and visitors

No visitors are allowed beyond the reception area without being collected and signed in by a resident student. Under 18’s are not permitted as overnight guests. Please co-operate with the reception staff when they call you to come and sign in your guests. The reception staff are not authorised to waive the rules for anyone or for any reason.

Your guests must adhere to the same standard of behaviour that is expected of residents. You will be held personally responsible for the conduct of your guests at all times, and consequently you may face disciplinary action for, and be liable for the cost of, any damage or disturbance caused by your guests.

Please note our staff can refuse admission to guests, or to require them to leave the premises at any time. The police may be called to help remove guests who refuse to leave.

Limits on number of guests

You may sign in a maximum of three day-guests at any one time, during the hours of
07:00 – midnight. During term time, residents may have one overnight guest at a time in their room/flat for a maximum of 10 nights per calendar month. Requests for exceptions to this rule must be made as far in advance as possible and at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of any stay: you should never promise others they can stay before securing agreement. Please contact the Warden via email to make this request.

Overnight guests must be signed in at reception. If your guest would like to eat on site, guest meal tickets can be collected from reception. No money needs to be handed over at reception for guests or additional meals. You will be sent an invoice for the amount used.

Guests are not allowed in your flat or anywhere in Hall if you are away: if you are on holiday, returned home, or departed at the end of the year, you may not grant permission to any guests to stay. Residents who do not follow these procedures may be charged the full commercial rate for an overnight guest.

For security reasons, you must not give your room key or ID card to anyone else: this specifically includes your guests.

Banned items

You must not bring or use any hazardous substances (including, but not limited to, any combustible materials) anywhere in the hall and this includes any materials obtained from University laboratories. The following list of banned items is not exhaustive and the University reserves the right to add or remove any item:

  • Weapons (including replicas)
  • Candles
  • Joss sticks
  • Shisha pipes, bongs, and vaporisers
  • Oil lamps
  • Paraffin, petrol or other flammable liquid
  • Portable heaters
  • Clothes irons
  • Multi-socket block adaptors
  • Chip pans
  • Fairy lights

Compressed gases such as oxygen and nitrous oxide cylinders are not allowed in the hall unless supplied in accordance with a doctor’s prescription and with the prior written permission of the Hall Manager. No animals (including fish) are allowed inside the Hall, except registered assistance animals by prior agreement.

If an item that is deemed to be dangerous (or on the banned list) is found in the accommodation, it will be removed by a member of the Hall Management Team or Warden. You will then be contacted regarding the item.