Facilities in the Hall

LPH has COMMUNAL SPACES available to all residents. They are listed below in alphabetical order:

  • BAR (ground floor): Pool table, ping-pong table, foosball (table football), board games, and small TV (without Sky) are located in the Bar space, which is open access. Subject to demand during the teaching terms, Bar service is normally available 21:00-23:00 with beer and cider sold at £2.00.
  • COMMON/STUDY ROOM (ground floor): The space is available for use by all residents for quiet, independent study 24/7. (Note that a wooden partition separates the Common/Study Room and the TV Room.)  
  • MUSIC ROOM (ground floor): There is a piano. Access is via a key available at reception. The room is not soundproofed so access times are limited.
  • OPEN LIBRARY SHELF (ground floor next to the Common/Study Room): Take and/or leave a book. Non-course material is most appreciated.
  • COMPUTER ROOM (basement next to the Laundry): The PCs are maintained by the University. No UN or PW to access. Open 24/7.
  • TV ROOM (ground floor): Wide-screen TV. Includes Sky (satellite) subscription. DVD player with DVD collection. (Note that a wooden partition separates the Common/Study Room and the TV Room.)    
  • XBOX ROOM (ground floor situated behind the Bar). Xbox key is available at reception.

In addition, there are six COMMUNAL PANTRIES (on Floors 1-6) for residents in catered rooms to use. Note that individual fridges (to a maximum capacity of 50L) can be purchased for use in catered rooms. This might be an option if you are sensitive to the loss of any personal items from communal fridges available in the communal pantries.

The DINING HALL and LAUNDRY ROOM are located on the lower ground floor. The Laundry Room, under contract with Washstation, is open 24/7.

INTERNET ACCESS: Each resident is provided with a wired Ethernet connection in his or her room; residents are permitted to create a private Wi-Fi connection in their room using a wireless router. In addition, a Wi-Fi connection is available on the ground and lower ground floors which can be used accessing Eduroam. Eduroam is a secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community; Colleges/Institutes provide the necessary UN and PW. Connection problems should be addressed to swan.support@london.ac.uk (which is part of the University); remember to indicate LPH and your room number along with the problem you are experiencing.

TALBOT SQUARE: Talbot Square is a popular meeting point for LPH residents for particular activities such as smoking and chatting. In the case of chatting bear in mind what may be audible to residents trying to sleep. Alcohol – both alcohol purchased in the bar and alcohol purchased elsewhere – cannot be consumed in the immediate vicinity outside of LPH such as Talbot Square. The Metropolitan Police treats the consumption of alcohol in public spaces as anti-social behaviour so it may be reported by neighbours. The University wishes to be viewed as a good citizen by neighbouring residents and the local council (Westminster in the case of LPH).