Community & Social Life

Community ethos

LPH is an intercollegiate hall with 300 residents. A multicultural dimension is obvious given a representation of 60-odd nations.

DIGNITY AT LPH: LPH sits within the University of London. The University of London has a proud legacy of widening access to its services and facilities and a mission actively to promote diversity, social inclusion, and respect. Within LPH this includes two broad relations: resident to resident; and resident to staff. It is the policy of the University that every resident and member of staff is treated with dignity and respect free from: victimisation; bullying (physical and psychological); harassment; discrimination (based on age, race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, or gender identity). Discriminatory behaviour may be perceived to be unacceptable even if there is no intention to cause offence. Unacceptable behaviour has the effect of establishing an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment at LPH and may include actions, jokes, or inappropriate suggestions and can be verbal and non-verbal.

Social events

The elected Club Committee members organize social events inside and outside of LPH for the benefit of residents, with the Warden and Senior Members providing assistance.

There is variation in what takes place from year-to-year depending on the interests of residents, but the following are typical.

PARTIES IN THE BAR: LPH has a functioning Bar so we are able to facilitate approximately six to eight parties over the course of the academic year hosted by the Club Committee. Parties can also be arranged by the Club Committee outside of LPH (such as on water).

TOURNAMENTS INSIDE LPH: This includes table tennis, pool, Xbox.

CULTURAL OUTINGS IN LONDON: This includes cinema, gigs, exhibitions, etc.   

SPORTS OUTSIDE OF LPH: Basketball (indoor and outdoor) and football (outdoor).

Committees and Forums

CLUB COMMITTEE: The Club Committee, formed via an election by fellow residents in early October, helps to arrange social, sporting, and cultural activities for the benefit of all residents. A process of self-nomination is used, with elections hustings held in the Bar on a Sunday evening, followed by elections held the following day (Monday) in the reception in the evening. The members of the Club Committee are aided by the Senior Members and the Warden.

CATERING FORUM: A Catering Forum is usually held near the end of Term 1 with the regional business manager of the catering firm is present to collect direct feedback from residents. Of course, residents are invited to provide feedback using additional and more immediate avenues. This includes direct contact at the point of service to the Duty Chef; in addition, emails to, which receive a reply by the regional business manager, are also monitored by the University of London, as the client of the catering firm.

LPH FACEBOOK GROUP: The Senior Members are, with the Warden’s approval and support, administrators and moderators of the LPH Facebook group, which is restricted to the current residents of LPH.