Meet the team

Description of the Hall Management

The Hall Manager is responsible for the day to day running of the relevant Hall of Residence, including the adherence to all relevant procedures, legislation, codes of practice and budget.  The Hall Manager is supported by the Assistant Hall Manager.  They are also responsible for ensuring all relevant health and safety and fire regulations are adhered to, both by University staff and contractors.

  • Bandu Baya
  • Renata Burtysova

Description of Warden

Dr Saeed Zeydabadi-Nejad is an academic who lectures on media and film at SOAS and elsewhere. His role as the Hall’s warden involves the overall management of social and community life as well as residents’ welfare within the Hall. He is also a resident at International Hall but is mainly in the hall outside office hours. He welcomes contact from residents about any issues that concern them, and can be reached through his email (, or by arranging a meeting when you leave him a note at Reception.

Description of Senior Members

The Warden’s team includes seven Senior Members, all of whom are residents of the hall. The Warden’s team has a hand in every event that is organised, and in provision of almost every social facility in the Hall. A Senior Member is on duty every night between 18:00 and 08:00 on weekdays, and for throughout the weekend. This means that if you have a problem outside of office hours or you need to talk about any problem, then simply report to the reception and in most cases a Senior Member will sort them out for you. Some noise or other minor issues are first handled by the receptionists but can be escalated to the Senior Member if necessary. If you have a welfare issue of any kind, the Warden and his team will do their best to help you as well (see below also about pastoral care and discipline).  
The seven Senior Members work with their student-elected Club Committee counterparts to ensure that they deliver on the social life of the Hall. In some cases the Senior Members work without Club involvement in social activities. The names of the Senior Members and their social life area of responsibility is as follows:

Hemish Previn Goodeal
Responsibility: Web

Course of Study: MA Primary School Leadership (UCL)


Kleoniki Kourmpi
Responsibility:  The IH Club

Course: PhD in Psychology (King’s College)


Julia Takach:
Responsibility: Postgraduate affairs

Course: LLB (King’s College)


Owen (Ed) Finn:
Responsibility: The IH Club

Course: Geography (King’s College)


Edith Elena Rus:
Responsibility: IH Cinema

Course: European Studies (King’s College)


Urszula (Ula) Tymoszuk:
Responsibility: Families

Course: Epidemiology/Public Health (UCL)


Chris Hardy:
Responsibility: Sports

Course: PhD in Mental Health (UCL)