Q. So what are Senior Members and their social role?
Saeed’s team consists of seven Senior Members, who you probably will have heard of, even if you didn't realize they were managed by the Warden. They have responsibility for different areas of the Hall community and social life - e.g. postgraduates, families, cinema, and sports. They welcome feedback and suggestions from residents about any aspect of their social role.  

The Warden’s team ensures that a range of social events are planned and successfully delivered by the student elected Club Committee. Apart from working with the Club Committee, the Senior Members organize a large number of events independently from the Club Committee.

Q. Can I have guests?
A. Yes, you can have day and overnight guests. Day guests have to be signed in at reception when they arrive as long as they leave before midnight. You are also allowed an overnight guest for a maximum of 10 times a month. You are held responsible for your guests’ behaviour and they must be accompanied by you in the hall at all times. Guests cannot enter the Hall in your absence.

Q. Are the toilets and showers only single sex?
A. While most of the toilets in International Hall (irrespective of which wing or corridor they are located in) are either male or female only, there are few unisex toilets and showers scattered in the building.

Q. Where do the families live?
A. Most families live in a separate area referred to as Lansdowne. The Lansdowne section has flats of different sizes, and there are always children around in this part of the Hall. Couples without children usually reside in Central Wing. There are few other family flats elsewhere in the Hall.

Q. Does the Hall have a bar?
A. The hall does have a bar but this is only licenced for use during the main five parties. But there’s a Tesco just two minutes away where you can buy cheap drinks, and you can drink them in any common area of the Hall (but be sure to clean up after yourself!)

Q. Does the Hall have a cinema?
A. Yes, the Hall has a cinema with fantastic sound and picture quality where movies are screened twice a week. There are also TV and movie marathons at other times.

Q. Does International Hall have a website?
A. Yes it does – it is at: http://internationalhall.com.

Q. Does International Hall have a Facebook page?
A. Yes it does – simple search for ‘International Hall Official’ and the year of your residence.

Q. Is a meal plan included with every room/flat?
A. No, a meal plan is included only with single study rooms. Residents living in single/double studios and flats can buy breakfast and dinner using cash from the restaurant.

Q. What are the breakfast and dinner times?
A. Breakfast is served 07:30 to 09:30 on weekdays and brunch is served 11:00-12:30 on weekends. Dinner is served 17:30 to 19:30. The restaurant is closed at all other times.

Q. Is there a laundry room?
A. Yes, there is a laundry room in the lower ground floor of the West Wing.

Q. Is there a music room?
A. Yes, there are two music rooms with pianos which you can use between 08:00 and 22:00. There is also a large piano in the conservatory, which you can play from 11:00 and 19:00.

Q. I have a maintenance issue (broken lights, taps, doors etc.). What do I do?
A. Go down to reception and write your issue in the Maintenance Book. Unless a part needs to be ordered, it will normally be fixed the next working day, or maybe even on the same day.

Q. I have a network/Internet issue. What do I do?
A. Call SWAN Support on swan.support@london.ac.uk or 020-7862-8092 (Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm).

Q. What is the nearest tube station?
A. Russell Square (on Piccadilly Line) is the nearest tube station. Heathrow Airport is also on the Piccadilly Line, so you can reach the Hall from Heathrow without having to change trains by catching a Piccadilly Line train. Gatwick is also almost directly accessible using over-ground trains from King’s Cross station (which is a short walk from the Hall).

Q. Where’s the nearest place for groceries?
A. There’s a 24 hour Tesco mini-supermarket just two minutes from International Hall, opposite Russell Square tube station. There is also a large Waitrose supermarket in the Brunswick Centre which is also two minutes away. There is also a small but well-spaced Sainsbury’s one minute away from IH which is open until 23:00. There are lots of other shops and restaurants in the Brunswick Centre.

Q. Are there any parks nearby?
A. Yes! The North Wing of International Hall overlooks Brunswick Square. Russell Square is also within 3-4 minutes’ walk. Coram’s Fields is a children’s park which is two minutes away. Regent’s Park, which is comparable with Hyde Park in size, is 25-30 minute walk from the Hall.

Q. What kind of facilities can I expect in the communal kitchenettes?
A. The communal kitchenettes should have one or two fridges, one microwave, one or two electric kettles, a washbasin, and a rubbish bin.

Q. What should I do if I hear the fire alarm?
A. You should take your keys, Hall Card, and warm clothes if it’s cold outside, and go down and leave the Hall immediately via your nearest fire exit. You must not come back into the building until the alarm has been turned off. Remember to lock your room/flat on your way out. There is a fire alarm test every Wednesday at 13:00. It is just a test and you don’t need to do anything at that time.

Q. Should I lock my room/flat when I go out?
A. You should always lock your room/flat when you leave your room/flat, even if you are just going to the toilet or the next room/flat. This is to ensure security of your possessions.

Q. Will my room/flat be cleaned and the rubbish collected?
A. In single study rooms, recyclable rubbish is removed every weekday from the bin provided in your room. You are expected to dispose of non-recyclable material into the communal general waste bins.  Your room is also vacuumed and cleaned once every fortnight. Studio and flat residents must clean their own accommodation, and dispose of rubbish by placing it in sealed bags in one of the bin rooms located on each floor of the Central Wing, or in the bins located in the Lansdowne Courtyard.

Q. How do I get mail?
A. Whenever you get any personal mail or package, you will get a white slip in your pigeon hole which is sorted based on the first letter of your surname. Say, your name is Richard Gere, then you should check the pigeon hole marked “G” regularly for any slip with your name on it. Approach anyone at reception with the slip and they will exchange your slip with the actual package/mail. In many cases, your mail (but never any packages) will be placed directly in the pigeon hole so you can get them directly without going through reception. Your mailing address will:

International Hall
Lansdowne Terrace
London WC1N1AS

Q. What are the times when heating is on?
A. We follow the UoL Environmental Policy on heating and saving energy. Please see online for further details as the heating is turned on accordingly to the time of day and season.

There’s no heating during summer.

Q. Can I drink the water from the tap in my room/flat?
A. Yes it is safe to drink the COLD water from the tap in your room/flat. However drinking the hot water or any water from the toilet taps is not safe.