Community & Social Life

Community ethos

Being the largest intercollegiate hall, with approximately 900 residents, allows the Hall to boast one of the most diverse, yet cohesive student community. The Hall is proud of its multicultural community and the staff aim to ensure that the hall is a welcoming space for everyone. We encourage all residents to respect and celebrate our diversity in terms of race, culture, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation and disability. If there are any questions or concerns about equality and diversity in the Hall, then please contact the Warden.

IH is home to three main groups of residents: Families with children, postgraduates who live mainly in self-catered accommodation, and undergraduates who mainly live in catered accommodation. Each group’s social and communal needs are catered for and we also have plenty of general events to bring the whole Hall community together.

Social events

The Hall is well known amongst the intercollegiate halls for offering the widest range of social activities and entertainment. The Warden’s team, in collaboration with the student-elected Club Committee, is responsible for different areas of the hall community and social life. They organise regular events to cater for everyone within the Hall and these include family parties, postgraduate dinners (and our famous “Murder Mystery night”), open mic nights, table tennis and squash tournaments, quiz nights and five general dance parties (with a DJ) throughout the year. There are regular weekly cinema screenings and sporting events. The Warden’s Team is open to the suggestions from residents as long as suggested events enhance the social life of our residents.

Hall Committees

The Warden hosts a Hall Committee Meeting twice a year in collaboration in which catering managers, Internet service manager, hall management, UoL management, the Club Committee, and the Warden’s Team are present. This allows Club Committee members to voice their ideas directly the Hall and UoL management, with feedback and action plans being developed in collaboration with the students themselves.

The Warden’s Team meets once a month to discuss matters which include social and community life, hall facilities, to matters of discipline.

The Hall’s student-elected Club Committee meets once a month to discuss resident’s suggestions for social activities, as well as planning new and original ideas for future events. There are currently 11 positions in the Club Committee, and elections are held in January, allowing our Committee members to reside in halls for 2 years in order to provide a cohesive programme of events for our new arrivals in September.