Catering (for catered rooms only)

Overview and meal times

Your accommodation fees include breakfast (brunch at weekends) and dinner 7 days a week. A vegetarian option is included in all meals. The accommodation package includes meals and it is not possible to remove meals from this package, therefore no deductions to the Fees can be made.

Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 09:30
Saturday & Sunday 11:00 -12:30
Daily 18:00 - 19:30


Meal Entitlements

Breakfast consists of five items Monday to Friday, with seven items on Saturday and Sunday. Each item on the breakfast list is one item, e.g. toast, bacon, sausage. For evening meal, you are entitled to a three course meal, consisting of starter, main course and dessert.

Packed Meals

Students with College commitments who cannot return in time for the evening meal can pre-book a late meal from the restaurant. This usually consists of sandwich, piece of fruit, yoghurt and crisps, and can be collected from the reception in the evening. This late meal is not a suitable regular alternative for students and special consideration should be made if a catered hall is the right option for you, if this is likely scenario.



Meal Rebates

The cost of meals as provided in the hall is included in the Fees. No reimbursement or allowance shall be given to you if you do not take the meals provided, except:

  • by prior agreement with the Hall Manager in respect of any period where the taking of meals is not permitted as part of a recognised period of religious observance; or
  • when written notice of your absence for periods of three consecutive days or more during your College Christmas vacation period has been given to the Hall Management Team in advance.