Community & Social Life

Community ethos

Garden Halls provides accommodation for undergraduate and postgraduate students from the UK and all over the world who are studying at the University of London. Situated in the heart of Bloomsbury opposite Cartwright Gardens, we offer a safe, inclusive and caring community full of opportunities that allows our residents to fulfil their academic goals, expand their social horizons and increase their cultural understanding.

Garden Halls is more than a student accommodation. It’s a community where people from diverse backgrounds live harmoniously, study and relax. A place where similarities are an opportunity to connect and differences are the pillars of enrichment.

It’s a unique place where apart from intellectual curiosity and socio-cultural enrichment, we also motivate the development of leadership and employability skills through our volunteering programs, inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.

Our residents have a wide range of interests and needs. As a living learning accommodation, we are committed to providing the services and opportunities to support them fulfil their potential.

Social events

A wide range of social events are hosted throughout the year.  Please refer to our calendar of events for the most up to date information.

The Warden is keen to ensure that the social and cultural events organised by Garden Halls are focussed on the breadth of things that living in central London can offer.  As a result, subsidised tickets to major attractions, theatre productions etc. take primary importance.

Residents’ Club Committee

An elected residents’ committee, known as the GH Club Committee, serves to enhance the social fabric of the Hall. The objectives of the Club Committee are to organize and encourage social, cultural and other events for the benefit of residents and to foster a community spirit within the Hall. A budget exists to support the activities of the club committee. The Club Committee holds office for one calendar year. The 2017-18 Club Committee will be elected in January 2017 and will remain in office until January 2018, so the term of office bridges two academic years. The Hall’s Senior Members support the Club’s activities as part of their duties. The Warden ,Ms Kleoniki Kourmpi, acts as advisor to the Committee and has the ultimate responsibility in relation to the Club.

The 12 Club Committee positions are: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Cinema Convenor, Sports Convenor, Media Convenor, Volunteering Convenor, Fitness Convenor, Sustainability Officer, Postgraduate Social Convenor, Townhouses Rep, and Hughes Parry Rep.