Facilities in the Hall

History of Connaught Hall

We are a fully catered University of London intercollegiate hall of residence for full-time students from all the colleges and institutes of the University. Connaught Hall was established in 1919 by HRH Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn — the third son of Queen Victoria — at 18 Torrington Square as a private hall of residence for male students, a memorial to the Duchess of Connaught, who died in 1917. The Duke gave the Hall to the University of London in 1928, but it was not until 1961 that Connaught Hall moved out of Torrington Square to its present location in Tavistock Square: a converted Georgian terrace with a Grade II listed façade. Women have been admitted since 2001.
One of eight intercollegiate halls of residence, Connaught Hall now accommodates 230 students. There is an even mix of men and women and a great diversity of cultural and social backgrounds. Most residents are first-year undergraduates, with around 20% being allowed to return for a second year; approximately 10% are postgraduates, and about a third are overseas students.

In your room

  • Furniture: Every room has a single bed*; desk and chair; a desk lamp; easy chair; wash basin, mirror, and shaving light; wardrobe, drawers; and bookshelves. A small kettle is also provided.
  • Bed linen: You will receive a bedding pack at the beginning of the year; the pack is yours to keep, and includes a pillow, pillowcase, sheet, duvet, duvet cover and a towel.
  • Heating: The Hall is centrally heated and the radiator panel in each room has a thermostat valve. The heating is normally on from 1st October until 30th April, depending on weather conditions. Heating times are normally 07:00 – 11:00 and 15:30 – 23:00 Monday to Sunday.
  • Ensuite facilities: Seventeen of our 222 single rooms have ensuite shower and shower facilities.
  • Telephone: There is a telephone in every room. You can make free internal calls within the Hall using the person’s four-digit extension number. Call 8200 for reception.
  • Television: All rooms have a TV aerial socket. By law, you must have your own TV licence if you want to use any television receiving equipment in your room.
  • Internet: Every room has a data socket for connection to the internet. We will provide a suitable cable but your computer must be fitted with a LAN card to access the service. There is currently no limit to how much data you can transfer through your Hall internet connection. Use of the University's network is subject to published rules and guidance.
  • Wi-Fi is available throughout the building using your Eduroam account, provided by your college.

* Double studio rooms have a double bed, ensuite facilities, and are also fitted with a kitchen sink, cupboards, refrigerator, and a microwave.

Shared domestic facilities

  • Bathrooms: There are two shared bathrooms (one male, one female) on each floor, near the lift and stairs. Most bathrooms have three shower cubicles & three toilet stalls and are shared by approximately 18 residents. The basement has separate toilet block for men and women but only one shower, located opposite room LG3. The bathrooms are cleaned daily.
  • Laundrette: Coin-operated washing machines, tumble driers and ironing facilities are available in the basement laundrette.
  • Pantries: There is a pantry containing a sink, microwave and refrigerator on every floor.
  • Drinking water: Drinking water is available from all the pantries and the fountain in the dining hall. There is no drinking water supply to study bedrooms.

Shared study facilities

  • Internet: Wi-Fi is available in the reception lobby, dining hall, and common rooms. You will need to log in using an Eduroam account, available from your college (often, this is your “.ac.uk” email address and your college email password).
  • Study room: The Lang Room on the lower ground floor, next to the dining hall, has desks for private study.
  • Convocation Trust Study Room: The Convocation Trust Study Room on the lower ground floor is for private quiet study mainly by students sharing twin rooms.
  • Additional study space: In the summer term, we will provide additional study space for resident who want to revise outside of their room.

Relaxation & recreation facilities

  • Courtyard garden: The Hall’s private courtyard garden is available for peaceful enjoyment between 08:00 and 11:00. Entrance to the garden is via the lower ground floor.
  • Common rooms:  There are two social areas / TV rooms on the lower ground floor: the Bell Room and the Bamforth Room. The Bell Room has a table tennis table and table football. The Bamforth Room has a FreeSat box giving access to a wider range of TV channels.
  • Newspapers & magazines: A selection of newspapers is purchased by the Residents’ Club Committee and placed near the mailboxes in the reception lobby. Some magazines are also subscribed to and are available for short-term loan from the reception desk.
  • Local gyms: All University of London students can join the EnergyBase gym at ULU on Malet Street and the Bloomsbury Fitness UCL union gym on Gordon Street, both of which are very nearby. There are also Fitness First, Nuffield Health, and Bannatyne’s gyms within easy walking distance of the Hall and most offer discounted membership rates for students.

Connaught Hall Bar

Our lower-ground floor bar sells a wide selection of beers, spirits, ciders, wines, and soft drinks at very reasonable prices. The bar is open every evening during term 1 and selected evenings in terms 2 and 3. There is a pool table and a large-screen TV with all the free digital channels as well as Apple TV.
NEW in September 2014, you can now pay by credit or debit card in the bar, or even check-in to the Residents' Club on PayPal and pay using your smartphone!

A message from the Warden: use your bar responsibly!
We are very lucky at Connaught Hall to have our own bar, run by and for the residents. Our bar is a welcoming, friendly social space and the focus of many of our Hall celebrations and events. The social life and community atmosphere of our Hall would be much poorer without it.
The fact that our bar is managed and staffed by students for the Residents' Club Committee gives it a sense of informality, familiarity, and homeliness; these are some of our bar's best attributes. But it is still a "real" bar, with a licence, subject to the Licensing Act 2003. And it must remain commercially viable. All eight intercollegiate halls used to have a bar. In the last few years, six of them have been shut down. Of the two left, one is open only a few times a month; ours is the only proper bar left.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of our Hall bar (although my usual drink is just a Diet Coke - you don't have to be a drinker to enjoy our bar) and want to ensure it continues to be successful. To do this, I need some help from you:

Use the bar. Bring your friends. Drinks prices are very reasonable and it's probably the friendliest bar in London.
Please don't bring your own drinks into the bar.
Use the bar responsibly: don't get blind drunk, start fights, or go out into the garden from the bar after 23:00.
It's your bar. Look after it.

Facilities management
The Hall’s facilities and services – building, maintenance, accommodation, financial, catering, conferencing, and housekeeping matters – are managed by the Hall Manager.
Our recycling bins are on the lower ground floor, opposite the entrance to the bar. Please take the initiative to separate your waste and dispose of recyclable items appropriately in these bins. Printer cartridges, batteries, and used postage stamps can be handed in to the Hall Office for recycling.
Council-provided bins for paper and mixed recyclables can be found nearby on Tavistock Square and Taviton Street. There is a large recycling bank for newspapers & magazines, cans, bottles & glass, and clothes on Byng Place outside Student Central. A battery recycling bin is located on Bidborough Street just beyond Cartwright Gardens.
Please ensure that all recyclable goods are clean; do not put food waste in recycling bins.
Housekeeping, Security & Maintenance
Single, single ensuite, and twin rooms are fully cleaned once every two weeks. Signs are posted to indicate on which day your will be cleaned. Please ensure your room is accessible and tidy enough for cleaning to take place. Cleaning is not provided for flats, studios, or double ensuite rooms.
The bathrooms, common rooms, and reception are cleaned every weekday. Bathrooms receive a “light clean” at the weekend.
Your bin will be emptied daily, Monday to Friday, except holidays. Do not leave your bin outside your door, as this may obstruct escape routes and pose a fire hazard.
The rubbish bin in your room is for recyclable waste only. You must separate your waste into recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Recyclable waste should be placed in the metal bin in your room; non-recyclable waste should be placed in the relevant bin kept in the pantry on your floor. Housekeeping staff will not empty the bin in your room if it is found to contain non-recyclable waste.
It is a condition of your contract of residence that the cleaner is allowed into your room each day. We understand that some days you may want to sleep in, and the cleaner will usually respect your wishes, but we expect that this will be no more than one or two days a week

Bed linen
You will receive a bedding pack at the beginning of the year; the pack is yours to keep, and includes a pillow, pillowcase, sheet, duvet, a duvet cover and a towel. You are responsible for cleaning this linen or any other bedding that you may buy for yourself. The Hall does not provide additional towels.

If you notice a maintenance problem in your room or in common areas of the Hall – including things like broken furniture, dripping taps, squeaky doors, etc., – report it at reception in the maintenance request folder; be sure to include a short description of the problem and its precise location. Your maintenance request will be acknowledged by a comment in the maintenance folder the next working day. We endeavour to complete all non-emergency maintenance requests within three working days; we will inform you if your request is likely to take longer to deal with.
If the problem requires emergency attention (e.g. a water leak or dangerous electrical fault), tell the security officer at reception immediately; do not just write it in the folder! Urgent problems will be relayed directly to the member of staff on duty (in the Hall Office or the Duty Senior Member). If required, a contractor will be summoned to deal with the problem immediately.
Never assume that someone else must have reported a fault or damage: if you see a problem, report it. We cannot correct problems that we do not know about.
If you are unhappy with our response to a maintenance request, please the problem with the Hall Manager
You are required to assist with all aspects of safety in the Hall by reporting any matters of concern to the Hall Manager or, in emergencies, to the Duty Senior Member. Be alert to fire and other safety risks at all times.
Be vigilant at all times. Report suspicious behaviour or packages to reception immediately. Always lock your door and close your window(s) when you leave your room. Never lend your ID card or room key to anyone else (not even your best friend!).
Our security staff are here to keep the Hall safe from intruders and to ensure everyone coming into the Hall has a right or a reason to be here. We need you to help us by following some simple rules about access to the Hall. These regulations are designed with your safety in mind so please co-operate with the security officers and do not ask them to waive the rules.
Always show your Hall ID card to the security officer when you enter the Hall; they will not normally open the door for you without seeing proof of residence. If you lose your id card, you can get a replacement from the Hall Office at a cost of £5.
Never admit anyone to the Hall unless you know them; do not let strangers follow you in. Ask security to help challenge anyone who is following you.
Always follow the procedure for signing in your guests, and make sure they sign out. Do not sign anyone in on behalf of someone else: the guest then becomes your personal responsibility – ask yourself if you can really trust them that much.

All entrances/exits, as well as some common areas on the ground and lower ground floors, are covered by CCTV.

Lost keys & ID cards
If you lose your room key you can obtain a replacement from reception 24 hours a day. Reception can also take requests for replacement ID cards 24 hours a day. A replacement ID card will be produced by the Hall Management Office the next working day, and left at reception for collection. Please be aware that charges will apply. An invoice will be emailed to you for payment.
You will be charged £20 for a replacement it you lose or damage your room key. If you lose your room key a second time, we will change the lock at a cost of £40.

Valuables, lost property & insurance
The Hall has no facilities for the retention of long-term lost property. This includes property left in rooms following the date of departure. The University will not act a Bailee if you leave any items in your room. Any belongings left after departure will be disposed of. The University provides a basic policy to insure your personal property within the Hall. You should take out additional insurance to cover your property outside the Hall and high value items not covered under the terms of the basic policy. Visit https://www.endsleigh.co.uk/personal/home-insurance/review-student-cover/
for details of the insurance policy. Please use ‘University of London - Intercollegiate Halls’ as the name of the accommodation provider.