We would like to take this opportunity to extend to you, a very warm welcome to College Hall.

For most of you, this will be your first time living away from home and for many it will be the first time living in London or indeed the UK. We hope that you will settle in quickly and feel that College Hall is a ‘home away from home’. Please do take a few minutes to read the information provided on this website and in the Handbook – chances are it will answer a lot of initial questions that you may have.

Life in a hall of residence can and ought to be a very rewarding experience, offering you the chance to meet a wide range of people, whilst providing you with the security and assistance perhaps not found in the private sector. Living in a diverse community such as College Hall requires both flexibility and the acceptance of rules to ensure that all residents have a positive experience. Whilst the Hall is predominantly an undergraduate hall, you will meet residents who are both undergraduate and postgraduate students and from any one of the eighteen colleges/institutes within the University of London.

We hope College Hall provides a solid foundation for you to leave with great friends and incredible memories at the end of the year. For a small number of you, you may even like it so much that you reapply to stay for a second year with us!