Meet the team

Description of the Hall Management

Alice Coote-Cowling

  • Hi, my name is Alice Coote-Cowling and I am the Hall Manager for College and Connaught Halls. I have worked for the University for a number of years and have had experience in working within most of the Intercollegiate Halls buildings. I enjoy my role at the University of London and I am based in Connaught Hall.


Julie Thorp

  • Hi, my name is Julie Thorp and I am Alice’s assistant at College and Connaught Halls. I have worked for the University for nearly 3 years and I will be happy to help with any queries you may have.


Description of Warden

The Wardenial Team is comprised of The Warden and five Senior Members, all of whom live in College Hall.

The Warden (R Dhesi) is an employee of the University of London and is responsible for all pastoral care, welfare and discipline in the Hall – providing support to all residents to promote and maintain a sense of community amongst the diverse 340 residents. The Warden is based at UCL. He is available during evenings and weekends, and can be called upon by the Hall Management team during daytime office hours for emergency support as and when necessary.

Description of Senior Members

Assisting the Warden are a team of five Senior Members, who are full-time students (usually postgraduate or senior medical students) at one of the 19 constituent colleges and institutes of the University of London.  The Senior Members work on a rota basis, with one being ‘on duty’ every weekday evening (18:00 – 08:00) and every weekend (08:00 – 08:00), and are the first point of contact for any emergency (medical or otherwise), welfare/pastoral issue or disciplinary issue/complaint.  More often than not, the Duty Senior Member will be in a position to deal with the issue at hand immediately, but where necessary, will contact the Warden directly for issues that require further intervention and/or escalation.  All Senior Members undergo intensive training at the start of each academic year in areas such as First Aid, Mental Health Awareness, Drug Awareness, Conflict Resolution, Equality and Diversity, and LGBT Awareness.