Facilities in the Hall

College Hall is fortunate to have been fully renovated and extended in 2009.  As a result we are able to provide a number of social spaces, mostly located on the lower ground floor.  Our largest and main common room, known as “The Founders’ Room”, is a recently updated communal space with comfortable sofas and games (pool table, table-football, table-tennis etc).  This room often provides the setting for larger social gatherings throughout the year.  Located adjacent to the Founders Room are two large, but separate, TV rooms.  In addition, also located on the lower ground floor, is the Study Room (with PCs) that is open 24 hours a day, as well as the Music Room – a soundproofed room equipped with a piano that is accessible between 08:00 – 23:00.

Access to the recently re-landscaped garden courtyard area is via the Dining Hall, also on the lower-ground floor, and provides the setting for our numerous BBQs throughout the academic year.  Each floor is also equipped with a small pantry kitchen, providing communal fridges and a microwave, and quite often used by residents of that floor to gather collectively.