Community & Social Life

Community ethos

  • We aim to provide a secure, supportive, and friendly environment in which our residents can study and socialise.
  • We do not tolerate personal harassment, nor discrimination against anyone because of their age, race, religion, national origin, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • We hope that all our residents will call College Hall “home”, and take many positive memories and good friends with them when they leave.
  • We always strive to act fairly, honestly, and transparently.
  • This is a university residence. We are educators. By encouraging residents to participate in and contribute to the Hall community, we hope they will learn to be self-directed and self-disciplined in their behaviour.
  • We aim to promote a spirit of fellowship, cooperation and kindness. These are attitudes that we can take with us when we move on to other, wider neighbourhoods and communities.
  • The needs of our residents, within the necessary limitations of good order, financial resources, and safety, take priority over other considerations at all times.
  • We endeavour to help residents wherever we can. If we can reasonably and safely say “yes” within the rules, we will not say “no”.

Social events

A wide range of social events are hosted throughout the year.  At the start of the year, the Warden will host various welcome events including a BBQ, drinks reception, open office hours etc.  Similarly, the Senior Members will each host ‘floor parties’ – a great way to meet neighbours on your floor, as well as arranging local events such as orientation tours of the local area.  During the academic year itself, the Residents’ Club Committee will arrange events such as theatre and cinema trips, sporting fixtures with neighbouring halls, dinners and parties for notable cultural events (Diwali, Christmas, Chinese New Year, etc.), postgraduate evenings etc.

The Warden is keen to ensure that the social and cultural events organised by College Hall are focussed on the breadth of things that living in central London can offer.  As a result, subsidised tickets to major attractions, theatre productions etc. take primary importance.

Residents’ Club Committee

At the start of each academic year, usually in October, the Warden appoints a “Residents’ Club Committee (RCC)” which is responsible for organising social, sporting and cultural events in the Hall throughout the year.  The RCC is supported by the Warden and two Senior Members.  All residents are encouraged to apply and support the RCC throughout the year to ensure broader participation and representation.  The positions on the RCC are: “President & Treasurer”.