University of London Accommodation

"A student community in the heart of London"

The Intercollegiate Halls offer a diverse and inclusive environment to study, relax and socialise. We provide accommodation to the largest student community in London. Because your safety and welfare is our priority we provide 24/7 security and our staff and the wardenial team are always there to support you.

  • The Garden Halls

    The Garden Halls

  • College Hall

    College Hall

  • Connaught Hall

    Connaught Hall

  • Lillian Penson Hall

    Lillian Penson Hall

  • International Hall

    International Hall

  • Nutford House

    Nutford House

  •  Clandon House

    Clandon House

  • Gower Street

    Gower Street

"You get to make friends with people from all over the world, studying at different Colleges."

Gaetan and Daniel, Connaught Hall residents